Refrigerated Reefers

13 Dec 2017 | CSR & Legal

AEL reefers are some of the most efficient and “smartest” reefers in operation today.

AEL’s refrigerated containers are manufactured to the highest design standards, each reefer operating with specialized “smart” software, which allows reduced power consumption operation whilst maintaining close temperature control to protect cargo quality.

Remote tracking on all AEL reefers allows accurate asset management, careful temperature gas level monitoring and fast critical alarm response.

This allows the ability to ensure the highest and safest levels of cold chain management door to door.

AEL reefers can provide a low oxygen controlled atmosphere environment which has been industry proven to extend the shelf life of bananas, mangoes and tomatoes.

Our experienced and dedicated team of experts, engineers and West African supercargoes can provide 24/7 technical and cargo care support throughout the entire shipping network.

With clear company focus to ensure our container fleet is constructed and operated with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Continually monitoring container technology to innovative and improve whilst ensuing compliance with refrigerant legislation.