Africa Express Lines Container Fleet

8 Mar 2018 | Container Fleet

Reefer Containers

Since starting specialised refrigerated container operations in 2002, the Africa Express Line reefer fleet has advanced over the years to meet the specific demands of shipping fresh fruits, vegetables and frozen cargoes to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.

With one of the most technically advanced fleets of 3000 x 40ft High Cube Refrigerated Containers with an average age of 5 years, the AEL Container Team is able to provide unrivaled cargo care and support during sea transit.

We are able to provide, in all reefer containers carrying fresh bananas, a fast active controlled atmosphere gas environment. Which is then carefully monitored by dedicated crews, West African Supercargoes and remote monitoring management.

We also play our part in reducing our carbon footprint in our reefer container operations by utilising environmentally friendly materials and products in our reefers at all times with the design and performance.